A Creative & Marketing Director with a core competency in Web, Packaging, Photography, and Marketing. A New York based professional with experience in marketing strategy, SEO, Branding and Social media. Most companies want a marketing professional who can provide sound advice for their senior executives.

In this regard, I have the skills to manage and lead your strategic marketing initiatives and more. My unique abilities in art and design coupled with knowledge of technology set me apart. These skills have allowed me to establish a level of credibility as a trusted adviser to executive leaders in the organizations in which I have been affiliated.

I am a marketing professional with a foundation in Graphic Design and Photography. My passion for photojournalism often allows me to frame things in unique and compelling ways when presenting a product, service or website. For example, I may interview a business leader and ask what excites them most about a given product, initiative or process. I will then use the information gained to help them crystallize their ideas and strategic goals, and bring their key message(s) to light.

I relish in helping to develop team skills by mentoring and training. I also have a knack for identifying problems and enjoy fixing them by utilizing my resources and managing the team.

Colleagues and clients say my creative qualities yield benefits that help their companies stand out from the rest. I am sure that my many years of experience help make the difference for successful outcomes.

Please Contact me to discuss specific examples of how I can help you compete with the best.

Creative Team Direction • Agency Relations • Marketing & Communications • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) • Strategic Planning • Creative Project Management • Photo Retouching • Corporate Branding & Identity • Collateral Development • Cross-Functional Teams • Prepress/Printing • Creative Briefs • Proposals • Packaging Design • Problem Solving • Mentoring & Leadership • Web Design • Photography • Web & Print Content • New Product Launch • Corporate Communications • Public & Media Relations • Social Media Marketing


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